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Date Hour Weather T. Humidity Wind
07/02/2023091°C57%4 km/h
07/02/2023101°C56%4 km/h
07/02/2023111°C55%2 km/h
07/02/2023122°C53%2 km/h
07/02/2023133°C51%2 km/h
07/02/2023144°C50%2 km/h
07/02/2023155°C48%2 km/h
07/02/2023165°C46%2 km/h
07/02/2023174°C48%3 km/h
07/02/2023184°C51%4 km/h
07/02/2023194°C52%4 km/h
07/02/2023204°C52%6 km/h
07/02/2023214°C53%7 km/h
07/02/2023223°C54%8 km/h
07/02/2023233°C55%7 km/h
08/02/2023003°C56%6 km/h
08/02/2023013°C56%6 km/h
08/02/2023023°C55%6 km/h
08/02/2023032°C58%5 km/h
08/02/2023042°C59%5 km/h
08/02/2023052°C56%5 km/h
08/02/2023062°C55%5 km/h
08/02/2023072°C55%5 km/h
08/02/2023081°C56%5 km/h
08/02/2023092°C53%5 km/h
08/02/2023103°C48%7 km/h
08/02/2023114°C45%10 km/h
08/02/2023125°C44%10 km/h
08/02/2023135°C43%10 km/h
08/02/2023145°C44%11 km/h
08/02/2023155°C47%12 km/h
08/02/2023165°C51%12 km/h
08/02/2023174°C52%11 km/h
08/02/2023184°C54%12 km/h
08/02/2023194°C55%12 km/h
08/02/2023203°C56%12 km/h
08/02/2023213°C57%12 km/h
08/02/2023223°C57%12 km/h
08/02/2023233°C56%11 km/h
09/02/2023003°C57%11 km/h
09/02/2023013°C58%11 km/h
09/02/2023022°C60%9 km/h
09/02/2023031°C66%6 km/h
09/02/2023041°C64%6 km/h
09/02/2023051°C62%6 km/h
09/02/2023061°C60%6 km/h
09/02/2023071°C59%5 km/h
09/02/2023081°C58%5 km/h