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Date Hour Weather T. Humidity Wind
21/01/2022212°C50%2 km/h
21/01/2022221°C51%2 km/h
21/01/2022232°C52%1 km/h
22/01/2022003°C54%2 km/h
22/01/2022014°C57%2 km/h
22/01/2022024°C62%2 km/h
22/01/2022034°C66%3 km/h
22/01/2022043°C67%3 km/h
22/01/2022053°C66%2 km/h
22/01/2022063°C65%2 km/h
22/01/2022073°C65%2 km/h
22/01/2022083°C65%2 km/h
22/01/2022093°C64%1 km/h
22/01/2022104°C64%1 km/h
22/01/2022115°C64%1 km/h
22/01/2022125°C62%2 km/h
22/01/2022136°C60%2 km/h
22/01/2022146°C57%1 km/h
22/01/2022156°C56%1 km/h
22/01/2022166°C58%1 km/h
22/01/2022176°C62%2 km/h
22/01/2022185°C65%2 km/h
22/01/2022195°C67%3 km/h
22/01/2022205°C68%3 km/h
22/01/2022215°C68%3 km/h
22/01/2022224°C66%3 km/h
22/01/2022235°C66%3 km/h
23/01/2022005°C67%3 km/h
23/01/2022014°C68%2 km/h
23/01/2022024°C70%2 km/h
23/01/2022034°C70%2 km/h
23/01/2022044°C70%2 km/h
23/01/2022054°C70%2 km/h
23/01/2022064°C73%2 km/h
23/01/2022074°C75%3 km/h
23/01/2022084°C77%3 km/h
23/01/2022094°C78%3 km/h
23/01/2022104°C78%3 km/h
23/01/2022115°C75%3 km/h
23/01/2022126°C73%2 km/h
23/01/2022136°C72%1 km/h
23/01/2022147°C71%1 km/h
23/01/2022157°C71%0 km/h
23/01/2022167°C73%0 km/h
23/01/2022176°C75%0 km/h
23/01/2022186°C76%0 km/h
23/01/2022196°C77%1 km/h
23/01/2022206°C78%2 km/h